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Virtual Reality: Interaktionsmöglichkeiten durch die einfache Nutzung eines Handcontrollers. Bild: Chrisitan Eller
The Athene Awards [information in German only] of the Carlo and Karin Giersch Foundation honouring good academic teaching were presented at the TU Darmstadt on 27 November 2019. The Special Award for Digital Teaching was awarded to the initiators of the project „VR4Teach“ of the Institute of Numerical Methods and […]

Award-winning virtual reality platform „VR4Teach“

An experience report on the Master’s lecture „Environmental Planning“ at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering by Dr. Stefan Scheiner What is Mentimeter? Mentimeter is a live voting tool (→ for comparing different systems [information in German only] ) that is chargeable and can also be used in a […]

In contact: Activating a lecture with Mentimeter

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay
An experience report on the Master’s seminar „The Skyscraper and its Time“ at the Department of Architecture by Dr. Maxi Schreiber Benefits of the forum The forum is a discussion platform in Moodle that can be used to prepare for reading materials (texts such as articles and individual chapters from […]

Productive reading: How to use the Moodle forum for reading ...

Digitally exploring places of freedom of expression in the region A guest contribution by Prof. Dr. Jens Ivo Engels of the Institute of History, winner of the Athene Award „Digital teaching 2018“. Contributions to the living culture of remembrance In the teaching research project „Places of freedom of expression in […]

The winning project of the Athene Award „Digital teaching“ in ...

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Within our series of contributions „Guide to Digital Teaching“ [information in German only] we have already addressed individual specific questions from everyday teaching in order to demonstrate which digital tools could be helpful in a particular challenging situation. However, you may ask yourself this question for your teaching as a […]

Designing good teaching with digital support

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Signpost for digital teaching Do you wonder what the potentials are in digitally supported teaching? Which digital tools can help with specific challenges in teaching practice? Whether there are any proven concepts of digitally supported teaching for specific course formats or teaching scenarios? How much effort is involved in them? […]

Motivating students to learn